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Thursday, May 04, 2006

EFA Legislative Alert, May 3, 2006

Dear Eagles and Friends:

Three items tonight, and they are all important.

1) SB20, the Laci and Connor bill was put off AGAIN today. For the third day in a row we were denied a vote on this critical bill. I am not asking you to call on this one because I believe we have done what we can do and must now pray and ask God to intervene and plead the cause of the innocent. Please pray that SB20 will be passed with no amendments tomorrow.

2) SJR20/HJR32, the constitutional marriage amendment is mired and needs ACTION! This is the reason for the RED ALERT. Time is of the essence. This bill must be moved NOW or die. There are several Senators, Representatives who need to be called and spurred to action. We need a 2/3 majority to pass this bill and give Alaskan citizens the opportunity to vote on whether anything but one man and one woman constitutes a marriage.

When talking to the Senators, refer to SJR20 (same as HJR32 but that is the bill number for the Senate). Ask the Senators listed below to vote YES on SJR20. If you want more information go to my Talking Points on the marriage amendment. Do not feel that you must debate this subject. Simply tell them you want to vote on this issue in November and they should pass the bill so you can.

888 288 3473 fax 907 465 2827

866 465 4453 fax 907 465 4623

877 463 3873 fax 907 465 3872

800 770 3822 fax 907 465 3756

800 597 3707 fax 907 465 4821

When talking to the Representatives, refer to HJR32 (same as SJR20 but this is the bill number for the House). Ask the Representatives listed below to vote YES on HJR32. If you want more information go to my Talking Points on the marriage amendment. Do not feel that you must debate this subject. Simply tell them you want to vote on this issue in November and they should pass the bill so you can.

800 465 4939 fax 907 465 2418

800 303 2455 fax 907 465 3793

800 782 4833 fax 465 4586

866 465 4976 fax 907 465 4589

800 865 2487 fax 907 465 4956

800 491 4527 fax 907 465 2197

800 968 6744 fax 907 465 2273

3) Last item. This one requires action, too. The alert is from the American Family Association.

May 2, 2006

Senator Stevens Refuses To Allow The Senate To Vote On Indecency Bill

Urge Sen. Stevens to bring the bill up for a vote

On February 16, 2005, the Broadcast Indecency Enforcement Act was introduced as H.R.310 and sailed through the House, 389-38. This bill raises fines against broadcasters when they violate the indecency laws. Since then Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK), chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, has held three sets of hearings. Family and consumer groups have been shortchanged in these hearings, which have resulted in no action. Senator Stevens has held this bill hostage for over 14 months. During the last hearing, Senator Stevens actually loaded the testimony panel with seven broadcast industry executives, while only allowing one non-industry leader. Broadcasters are now suing in federal court. They are claiming a so-called right to broadcast the "f" word, the "s" word and even hardcore pornography into our homes. All the while, H.R. 310 gathers dust in the U.S. Senate because of Sen. Stevens. Why won't Sen. Stevens allow the Senate to vote on the bill? He says the networks are doing a good job policing themselves. Can you believe that a U.S. Senator actually said that?! You also need to remember that this is an election year and broadcasters are very generous political donors. That means that unless there is an outpouring of protest, this bill will do what Sen. Stevens wants—die in committee. AFA made several attempts to discuss our concerns with Senator Stevens. His office staff did not return our calls and emails. Sen. Stevens is a Republican in a Republican controlled Senate. If Sen. Stevens wanted this bill passed, he could have it done months ago. I guess we will see who is more important to the U.S. Senate—the broadcasters or the people.

Take Action

Call Sen. Stevens and ask him to bring H.R. 310 up for a vote. His staff may give you a political run-a-round about why the Senator refuses to allow a vote. Some politicians have a way of talking out of both sides of their mouth. Just be nice and polite and tell his office you expect the Senator to allow a vote.

His direct number is 202-224-3004.

His area office numbers are:
Anchorage, 907-271-5915;
Fairbanks, 907-456-0261;
Juneau, 907-586-7400;
Kenai, 907-283-5808;
Ketchikan, 907-225-6880;
Wasilla, 907-376-7665.


Finally, forward this to your friends and family.

American Family

P O Drawer 2440
Tupelo, MS 38803
Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved

Thank you for reading to the end! I know I am asking a lot but I am counting on you to join with me in letting these policy makers know what we want. These are all VERY important issues and we need to stand in the gap!

Working for the family,

Debbie Joslin
President, Eagle Forum Alaska

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