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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

EFA Legislative Alert, April 22, 2006

Dear Eagles and Friends:

We have a rare opportunity to “kill two birds with one stone” so to speak. Please contact Rep. Lesil McGuire, Chair of House Judiciary and:

1) Thank her for her support of SB20, the Laci and Connor bill. She made sure the bill was picked up off the table and we want her to know we appreciate that.

2) Ask her to please kill HB447, “Broadcasting raffles and Lotteries” bill. There are varying opinions on just how bad this bill is but the general consensus is that HB447 is an expansion of gambling. The whole bill is printed below for your convenience. As you can see, there is not much to this. The bracketed language is to be deleted and the underlined language is to be added if this bill is made law. We have concerns about the ramifications of passing this bill and prefer to err on the side of safety by not allowing ANY expansion of gambling in Alaska. Please ask Rep. McGuire to continue to do what is right for Alaska families by dropping her support of this bill.

Rep_Lesil_McGuire@legis.state.ak.us 800 365 2995 Fax 907 465 6592

Don’t forget to contact me and let me know if you are interested in the FREE Grassroots Lobby Training class being offered in Juneau May 7-8. Airline flights will need to be booked soon to get the best rates and availability. We will have a training session on Sunday evening at 6:30 PM conducted by Tuckerman Babcock, Kristine Leaf, Lt. Governor Loren Leman and a few words from me (Debbie Joslin). We will visit legislators on Monday, May 8 and put our training to use. If you have an interest in being more effective in lobbying for pro-family issues you need to be there! This is a great opportunity and I don’t want you to miss it.

Working for the family,

Debbie Joslin

President, Eagle Forum Alaska
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01 "An Act relating to the use of broadcasting to promote charitable raffles and lotteries."
03 * Section 1. AS 05.15.640(a) is amended to read:
04 (a) A person may not use broadcasting to promote or conduct a charitable
05 gaming activity under this chapter except that a person may use (1) broadcasting to
06 promote a fish derby or a type of classic [OR SWEEPSTAKES] defined in
07 AS 05.15.690, or (2) radio or television broadcasting to promote a charitable
08 raffle and lottery. In this subsection, "broadcasting" includes television and radio
09 transmission by 2,500 megahertz, microwave video and audio programming, slow-
10 scan television programming, and programming by way of [VIA] satellite, cable,
11 teletype, or facsimile transmission and distribution methods; "raffle and lottery" has
4) 12 the meaning given in AS 05.15.690.


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