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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

EFA Legislative Alert, April 10, 2006

Dear Eagles and Friends:

Three important items for you: HB272, SB20 and SJR20/HJR32

First, HB272, the Poker Room bill.
This bill was heard again on Thursday, April 6 and testimony in favor of the bill was given. The staff for the bill sponsor answered questions the committee had asked earlier. The answers were more cause for concern. The more you know about HB272, the more there is not to like. After hearing testimony, Senator Seekins asked committee members what their will was in regard to the bill. He was answered by dead silence. These Senators must have been taught the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” The response by the Chair was to announce the bill will be held in committee. In other words, not one person voted for the bill and so it dies where it is. This is a tremendous victory for families in Alaska. But do not be fooled, they will be back next year. The pro-gambling lobby has deep pockets and they are persistent. We will have to be vigilant to hold the line. Thank you to all who called and wrote legislators to stop this bill. A special thanks to those who testified. Deep gratitude goes to Pam Samash for her courageous testimony.

SB20, the Laci and Connor bill.
This bill is still on the table in House Judiciary. I have also been forwarded an alert by those opposing this bill. They urge their friends to thank the members for tabling and urge them to leave the bill to die. They keep saying they support the “intentions of the bill” but they want to simply increase the penalty for crimes committed against pregnant women. They fear that protecting WANTED babies will somehow endanger a “woman’s right to choose” to abort her Unwanted baby. The author of this alert urges her list to contact members of House Judiciary and urge them to leave the bill tabled. I know I have asked before but could you (especially if you haven’t yet) contact these members one more time and ask them POLITELY to pick SB20 off the table and pass the bill UNAMENDED from committee? By the way, the Republican Party Convention passed a resolution over the weekend urging passage of SB20 without amendments. The contact info is:

Rep. Lesil McGuire 800 365 2995
Rep. Tom Anderson 800 465 4939
Rep. John Coghill, JR. 877 465 3719
Rep. Pete Kott 800 861 5688
Rep. Peggy Wilson 800 686 3824
Rep. Les Gara 888 465 2647
Rep. Max Gruenberg, Jr. 866 465 4940

The last item on the list is SJR20/HJR32, the same-sex marriage benefits bill.
The Senate version will probably sit right where it is while Senate Finance works on the PPT. The House version is likely to sit as well until SB20 is resolved. Please pray that our legislators will have a clear understanding of this issue. The Republican Party also passed a unanimous resolution supporting passage of SJR20/HJR32.

Don’t forget to check our website at http://www.eagleforumalaska.org/ to see the latest on the issues you care about. We will be posting the resolutions passed by the ARP convention and a joint press release between Eagle Forum Alaska and the newly formed Alaska Family Council. We appreciate the work they are doing and trust that we will be able to compliment each other and be stronger in our presence as we work together. If you wish to support the work we are doing, there are three ways you can help.
  1. Pray for the work we are doing and for protection from the enemy.
  2. If you think these alerts are helpful please help us grow our list. Pass this on to someone who is like-minded and ask them to subscribe to Eagle Forum Alaska legislative alerts. Instructions are below.
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Thank you for all you do!

Working for the family,

Debbie Joslin
President, Eagle Forum Alaska

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