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Thursday, March 30, 2006

EFA Testimony In Favor of HJR32 (Regarding Same Sex Benefits)

March 29, 2006

My name is Debbie Joslin and I represent the 1,000 plus members of Eagle Forum Alaska. I live in Delta Junction. I wish to thank the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee for introducing HJR32.

Since the beginning of history, marriage between one man and one woman has been recognized as special and unique. The people of Alaska thought we had made ourselves quite clear on this subject in 1998 when we voted overwhelmingly to adopt the marriage amendment as part of our state constitution. The Alaska Supreme Court has once again undermined the will of the people in their October 2005 decision. The court’s ruling to mandate the state to pay spousal benefits to same-sex partners of state employees shows no regard for the meaning and spirit of the law. The Supreme Court is supposed to be upholding our constitution but has instead chosen to attempt a rewrite by legislating from the bench.

Thank you again for introducing HJR32 to protect the rights of the people of Alaska. The meaning of the amendment in 1998 was very clear to everyone but the Supreme Court so now we are forced to spell out in capital letters that MARRIAGE IS FOR ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN AND MARRIAGE IS SPECIAL AND UNIQUE FROM ANY OTHER RELATIONSHIP. Passing HJR32 will allow the people of Alaska to clarify what we said in 1998 for those who did not understand.

Please pass HJR32.

Thank you.

Debbie Joslin
President, Eagle Forum Alaska


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