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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

EFA Legislative Alert, March 28, 2006 (PM)

Dear Eagles and Friends:

There are two important bill hearings tomorrow, Wednesday March 29.

At 8:30 AM, the Senate Judiciary committee is hearing HB272, the poker room bill. We oppose this bill and any other attempts to increase gambling in Alaska. Please let members of this committee know we want them to vote NO on HB272. The members of the Senate Judiciary are:

Senator Ralph Seekins 800 336 7383 Sen_Ralph_Seekins@legis.state.ak.us

Senator Charlie Huggins 800 862 3878 Sen_Charlie_Huggins@legis.state.ak.us

Senator Gene Therriault 800 860 4797 Sen_Gene_Therriault@legis.state.ak.us

Senator Hollis French 866 465 3892 Sen_Hollis_French@legis.state.ak.us

Senator Gretchen Guess 800 550 2435 Sen_Gretchen_Guess@legis.state.ak.us

At 1:00 PM tomorrow House Judiciary will meet. Of course we would like them to take up SB20, the Laci and Connor bill. It is not on the schedule though. HJR32, the same-sex marriage benefits constitutional amendment is. We fully support this bill. It is vital for the protection of marriage in our state that this amendment pass to proclaim the rights, benefits and privileges of marriage as being reserved only for married couples. Contact information for the House Judiciary is as follows:

Representative Lesil McGuire 800 365 2995 Rep_Lesil_McGuire@legis.state.ak.us

Representative Tom Anderson 800 465 4939 Rep_Tom_Anderson@legis.state.ak.us

Representative John Coghill, JR. 877 465 3719 Rep_John_Coghill@legis.state.ak.us

Representative Pete Kott 800 861 5688 Rep_Pete_Kott@legis.state.ak.us

Representative Peggy Wilson 800 686 3824 Rep_Peggy_Wilson@legis.state.ak.us

Representative Les Gara 888 465 2647

Representative Max Gruenberg, Jr. 866 465 4940 Rep_Max_Gruenberg@legis.state.ak.us

You can go to your local LIO and sign up to testify in favor of HJR32. Testimony will be taken. It is vital that our legislators hear our side on this issue.

Talking points for this bill can be seen here.

Thank you for all you do.

Working for the family,

Debbie Joslin
President, Eagle Forum Alaska

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