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Friday, October 27, 2006

Vote Buying?

By Mike Prax

An array of signs displayed in front of the public employee union's office on College Road in Fairbanks.

The most prominent sign reads: "YOUR VOTE = YOUR PAYCHECK". The campaign signs of the Democrat Party candidates: Tony Knowles, Joe Thomas, Tim Beck, and Scott Kawasaki are either directly attached or displayed nearby. The glaringly obvious inference from this display is that the unionss leaders are telling their members that these candidates have made an agreement to pay them for their vote.

They're a flagrant example of the systemic corruption that we have allowed to creep into our state's government and demonstrate the urgency of understanding the self serving motivation of that union and the aspiring elected officials allied with them.

I am not surprized that these candidates are making a monitary exchange for votes, I am amazed that the union is brazen enough to publicly proclaim the agreement they've made, and assume that the general public - to whom the statement doesn't apply - would condone or at least tolerate it.

That union appears to have become so corrupt that they don't see the irony of their own message and they don't expect the general public (or their members who hold to a higher standard) to stop them. It's as though they think that we'd allow them to hire someone to rob our bank as long as they don't wear a mask.

Please study these pictures, and if you adhere to a standard higher than "your vote equals your paycheck", act accordingly when you cast that vote this November 7th.

Please also forward this message to your friends who also need to contemplate the literal message of these signs.

Our future and our children's future depends on it.

For Liberty,



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