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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Retention of Judges

From the Eagle Forum Alaska Newsletter, October, 2006
-By Debbie Joslin

Alaska voters will be asked to vote on whether to retain judges on November 7.

Two judges of particular interest on the ballot this year are Peter Michalski and Sen Tan.

Judge Michalski is interesting. His wife Jo was listed as a co-sponsor of a fundraiser for Tony Knowles in September. Judge Michalski is probably best known for his 1996 court decision finding that homosexual partners are entitled to be “married”. Alaskan voters apparently disagreed as we voted overwhelmingly to uphold traditional one man-one woman marriage.

Judge Sen Tan ruled in 2000 that the state must pay for convenience abortions for poor women. His rationale was that if the state was going to pay for prenatal care for these women, they must also fund abortions.

Alaska’s courts are some of the most liberal in the country. Our Alaska Supreme Court overturned parental consent for abortion and the partial birth abortion ban. They are now considering forcing the legislature to fund education at whatever level the court says is appropriate. That is a move that has been successful in other states and I don’t expect our courts to disappoint the liberals. After all, Alaska Courts are consistent if nothing else.


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