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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Letters to Senator Huggins

Below are two letters that have been sent to state Senator Charlie Huggins in response to Huggins move to abandon Republicans and join with Democrats to form a coalition much like the one formed in the last session:

Dear Senator Huggins;

I am very disappointed that you once again decided to form a coalition with the Democrats in the Senate, especially considering that there’s still an undecided senate seat in the Fairbanks area that could establish a definite Republican majority.

The coalition that you lead last year was not good for our state. It produced capitol and operating budgets that both the senate and house members agreed were bloated and publicly admitted that they were relying on the governor's line item veto authority to correct their irresponsible actions.

That wasn't the biggest issue however.

The reason that the bills prohibiting partial birth abortions and parental consent were not even brought to the floor of the senate for a vote was because Senator French blocked them in his committee. You and Senator Green were instrumental in placing Senator French in this position and for reasons that are unclear to me failed to persuade him to release the bills.

When I saw your reaction to Senator Dyson’s floor speech on the subject, I thought that you might have realized the gravity of your mistake. Apparently that wasn’t the case.

As I’m sure you realize from your military service, a soldier wears a uniform to enable his comrades to identify their allies from their opponents. In this case, you are wearing the uniform of the Republican Party but you have aligned yourself with those who oppose our beliefs and principles.

If power is indeed more important than principle to you, I would respectfully ask you to change your party affiliation to the other party so your intent would at least be more transparent. If that isn’t the case, then I hope that you’d reconsider your decision to break rank and re-unite under our banner.


Mike Prax

Charlie Huggins the Democrat
I would like to Commend Linda Menard for being elected to her Senate seat and for sticking up for her constituents and not joining the democrat coalition
Senator Charlie Huggins was elected to his office, by his constituents, as a conservative Republican. Mr. Huggins has spent every HOUR in Juneau as part of a liberal Democrat
Coalition. This means he has not supported his constituents, that elected him, for one day.
SHAME on you Charlie for NOT supporting the people who elected you, JUST for POWER. The people COUNT, not Power, Charlie.

Donald A. BensonDonald A. Benson


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