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Friday, January 25, 2008

A Very Tiny Miracle

I am a Girl Scout leader in my small town of Cordova, Alaska. I was preparing to take a group of girls and moms to a World Girl Scout Center high in the Alps in Switzerland in May 2006. We would spend a few days in England and 10 days hiking in the Alps, and learning about Swiss culture.

We were preparing to leave in a week and I was also pregnant and starting to miscarry. What happened next was an amazing event of small proportions.

I hoped that I wouldn't miscarry on the plane so I prayed. Two days before we left, the baby came out but in an unexpected way. A large chewing gum-like bubble came out. I picked it up and saw movement in the bubble. I opened the bubble and there was a small baby! The body was about 2 1/2 inches long. It had a square-shaped head with eyes and mouth a little bigger than the head of a pin. It was approximately 6-7 weeks old.

The most unusual part of this awesome event was that the baby was crying. I could hear no sound but the mouth was moving in the exact motion that a crying baby does. My heart was full of love towards this tiny newborn of mine.

The baby had little arm buds. I happened to touch them with the rounded end of a tiny pair of scissors and he grabbed them and held on to them and continued crying his silent little cry. What a sweet miracle of life I was witnessing!

His eyes were staring at me the entire time while he was crying. The eyelids were not developed but the head was turned directly towards my face.

The lower part of his body seemed fused into the placenta. After a while, this little one left us and immediately, the little form turned into a small pool of fleshy blood. You would have never know there was a baby once there.

I think God gave me this precious little one to demonstrate how small human beings can be and still have ability to cry, see, feel & interact with others.

I remember telling this story to some of our traveling group while we were in a B & B in London. I was thankful that I didn't miscarry on the plane and I was thankful to see a tiny part of God's creation.

Jennie Grimwood



At March 02, 2008 11:44 AM, Anonymous Mrs. Wayne Hunter said...

This story has left me speechless - what can one possibly say??? Thank you for posting it!



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