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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Leman Letter

- By Lt. Governor Loren Leman

Last Friday Governor Murkowski announced he is calling a special session of the Legislature on November 13 to respond to the Alaska Supreme Court demands that the State provide health care and other benefits for homosexual "partners" of State employees and retirees. I declined to sign and file regulations proposed by the Department of Administration because they do not meet requirements of law. In my letter to Governor Murkowski I outlined their deficiencies and suggested alternative action. The Governor is correct to ask the Legislature for direction in responding to the Supreme Court, although it is unlikely the Legislature will want to meet its demands.

The best direction the Legislature can give is to allow voters the opportunity to reaffirm not only that marriage is reserved to a male-female union, but also that neither the State nor any of its political subdivisions may be required by Court order to provide benefits traditionally reserved for married couples to anyone not in a marriage relationship.


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