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Monday, March 20, 2006

Written Comments for Gaming Commission Task Force

from Debbie Joslin, President, Eagle Forum Alaska

I represent Eagle Forum Alaska and our over 1,000 member families. We oppose the formation of a Gaming Commission. Everyting I have read leads me to believe that the purpose for forming this commission would be to establish an infrastructure to allow for the expansion of gaming in Alaska. We oppose any gaming expansion in Alaska. We feel much more comfortable leaving gaming under the jurisdiction of the legislature. Having an appointed commission that cannot be voted in/out by the people is unacceptable as it leaves the citizens of Alaska without any real representation in this process. With all that is going on in the state right now it seems irresponsible to establish yet another commission in anticipation of an activity that is unwanted by the majority of Alaskans.

If, however, one were to be formed (keep in mind we don't want one), we would want to have at least one or two positions on the commission from gambling watchdog groups, familiy advocates or someone from the church to represent the rights and concerns of families.

Families in Alaska do not want expansion of gaming nor a gaming commission.

Debbie Joslin

President, Eagle Forum Alaska


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